Fed up with working LONG hours, not being appreciated and lining someone elses pockets?

Want to be your own boss?

At BDP we are turning business away so with a USP of not employing telemarketers, we decided the only way forward was to franchise BDP.

We are looking for like-minded couples that share our values - although you don't have to be married!  Couples that want a decent work/life balance, need a good level of income and have the desire to be their own boss.

We don't work 5 days a week - and we certainly don't do evenings or weekends!  We control how much we work and when.  Most weeks we are on the phones for 3.5 days and on top of this we do client visits and business admin.  

You can be based anywhere in the country but will need excellent telephone skills, experience of dealing with people of all levels, general business and sales experience, the desire to run your own company and the determination to succeed.

We'll give you full training, on-going sales and CRM support, marketing, regular meetings and flexible working hours.

You can expect to spend many hours on the phone - so if this doesn't appeal, please don't apply.

Because of the high service levels the franchise does not allow for other business interests or employment of telemarketers.

For more information please email mym@bdp-ltd.co.uk

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