We are the first to admit that telemarketing generally has a bad name.  It is often seen by those who do it as a convenient way to make a little extra income without genuinely enjoying the excitement of generating new sales leads and with little thought to representing the client in a professional manner.

We rely on our reputation.  This means we can focus on your needs as opposed to keeping a team of telemarketers happy and fully occupied.  We can make calls to coincide with events and to suit each client and their target audience.  It also enables us to avoid holiday times such as Easter and Christmas and times when the target audience might be snowed in!

We completely understand the financial constraints of running a smaller company but also recognise the need to have a continual pipeline of prospects.  That is why we suggest smaller campaigns.  And we won't badger you to increase your hours, we are genuinely happy with smaller campaigns.

We are a family business with a wealth of experience in intelligent telemarketing, direct sales, corporate sales, customer service and business development.  We are comfortable talking to all levels of seniority and focus on business to business campaigns, typically for SME's.  Smaller campaigns create intense focus, we get excellent results and they don't break the bank.

In our experience the best person to sell a companies products or services is the Managing Director, Partner or owner.  What they do not necessarily have is the time and/or inclination to make hundreds of phone calls.  Sales people don't always enjoy picking up the phone looking for prospective clients and new leads rarely arrive in vast quantities.  You have to be proactive.  Thats where we can help.

If you like our straightforward approach then please contact us.  There is no obligation and we would really like to discuss how we can help you and take your business forward.